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Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center is part of the group of companies that started its operations in the travel industry in 1993. Our team comes complete with more than 200 business and leisure travel experts. Innovative approach and use of the latest technologies form the strategic basis of our business. Adding the online service TripWay to the group of companies was a logical stage in the development of the group of companies. Over our history, the group of companies has incorporated all areas of travel and transportation services. This undeniable advantage allows Aquavita-Tour LCC to offer customers a flexible commercial terms, a choice of service models and all types of services under a single contract.



Our Mission

Understand our customer's business. Create the preferred service configuration. Add memorable impressions to the comfortable business travel. Analyze data to optimize the budget.
Expertise. Efficiency. Innovation.



Our history



Founding of Aquavita and Aquaservice


Accreditation of the Kyiv office in IATA


Opening of offices in the city of Odessa and Boryspil airport


Establishment of Transmarine transportation company


Accreditation with Lufthansa City Center


Receipt of EBA membership


Establishment of Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center


Receipt of a tour operator license for Aquavita-Tour


Establishment of Avia Marine Services in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Opening of Aquavita Event for business events and travel


Incorporating the TripWay online ticket purchase service into the work of our group of companies


Organization of charter and business flights



Our Social Responsibility

The group of companies is actively involved in the development of the business community at the national and international levels. Our special area is supporting the crewing industry in Ukraine. We are the founders of the Maritime Chamber of Ukraine and members of the Association of Crewing Companies. In 2003 we joined the European Business Association (EBA). We cooperate with the Association of Entrepreneurs of the South of Ukraine "European Association of Business Women". Our management and staff regularly upgrade their skills and share experiences at public and educational events held by partner associations.

At the same time, for over 20 years our team has been supporting cultural and humanitarian initiatives that promote local heritage and care for the environment. Aquavita is a co-founder of the People's Museum of Ukraine. Every year, with our support, the Danube Sich Festival is held, and music and publishing projects in association with the Kolo Foundation and The Day newspaper are implemented. The company’s management and employees help the wards of the "Live Tomorrow" charity organization, the Ukraine military force members that are in need of medical care, as well as the orphanages in Odessa and Pochayiv.



Our Team

The international LCC network guarantees our employees easy access to educational, marketing and current market materials, which helps develop in-depth expertise in modern principles of business travel management and implementation of innovative technologies. Participation in regular LCC events opens a 360-degree perspective on global trends in corporate business for our colleagues and provides them with an opportunity to instantly react. The needs of our customers always inspire our team to constantly develop and improve our business solutions and models.




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