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The key business travel requirements our current customers highlighted

To get service as quickly and easily as possible (ideally in a few "clicks").
Business travel costs optimization by automated control and budget management.


We offer a choice of 3 service models that achieve these requirements. Any combination of the presented service models is possible upon your request.

Моделі обслуговування

Model #1 Concierge for business travel

All types of travel service by an experienced team of consultants and emergency support 24/7.

For management

Customized Travel optimization program and statuses on progress, consolidated invoice, reporting due to your company requirements.

For travelers

Modern concierge service, proactive Bleisure offer, individual travel arrangements and variety of classic tour operator’s packages.

Model #2 Online booking with Tripway

Сorporate access to self booking tool Tripway with a simple & friendly interface. The booking content covers regular airlines, train tickets, low cost carriers, health insurance.

Immediate cost optimization by accessing the lowest fare available in real time. Corporate access is provided within a few days and does not require any additional time or funds. Customized Travel optimization program.

Access to all types of service at best available rate in real time mode with interface which does not require any additional training. Our professional consultant team remains at your service in case of any navigation, consulting, booking needed.

Model #3 Corporate online platform Raketa implementation

Online migration of all business travel related processes: travel order issuance, per diem estimation, all type bookings online in a single interface, other company internal documents and finally advance report.

Full automatic control over the travel policy compliance and cost approval procedures; guaranteed access to the lowest fare; online travel statistics in real time, including classic bookings; integration with HR and ERP (including 1C) systems for automatic data exchange.

Saving on business trip related work flow from 2,5 hours to 15 minutes, access to all travel documents in mobile application, instant ticketing, real time chat with our professional consultant team in the case of any navigation, consulting, booking needed.


Service Сonfigurations


Regardless of the chosen model, you are accompanied by a professional and attentive consultant team



How to save up to 19% on annual business travel budget


Our experеrtise with both international and national companies allows us to offer the quintessence of best practices in business travel management. We develop a cost optimization Program, estimate the financial impact of each individual stage of the implemented strategy and report on the results.



More details on Program optimization and saving our current customers have achieved.




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