Business Travel And Leisure: Bleisure

“Bleisure” is a blend of the words “business” and “leisure”. A survey among business travelers concluded that 60 % of them have tried bleisure travel at least once.



Why This Trend is Gaining

There are multiple reasons why a well established hybrid of business and leisure travel is supported by many employers.
For starters, it’s a convenient way for business travelers to offset some of their personal travel costs. By combining the two trips, it’s also a more efficient use of their time, as they won’t have to waste a precious paid day off getting to the airport and taking a flight somewhere. And by spending more time on the ground recovering from jetlag and having a couple days to recharge their batteries, it’s also an effective cure for travel burnout.

Tailor-made own tour packages and once-in-a-lifetime travel arrangements created offer a profitable competitive advantage. In addition, the LCC negotiates globally attractive conditions with a large portfolio of preferred suppliers to ensure you benefit from best available rates. With the LCC Global Incoming Network (LCC GIN), which is interlinking both sellers and buyers of incoming services under one quality seal and one focus: tailor-made travel inspirations. To date, 70 LCC GIN Sellers in 75 countries represent an ever-growing network of handpicked travel ambassadors reaching for the best travel experience a customer can ever imagine.



What Does Bleisure Bring to a Company?

Bleisure is a great employee motivation tool. Those of them who like to travel - and there are many among millennials - will appreciate this opportunity. A study conducted recently found that 61% of employees who combined business trips with personal travel experienced an increase in productivity upon returning to the office.

Bleisure can also be one of the tools to fight for the best candidates. Up to 30% of employees say that they can agree to a lower salary if they are given the opportunity to travel for business. Overall 39% of millennials and their followers of Generation Z say that travel is generally critical when considering vacancies.

Because bleisure travelers may avoid air travel peak times and due to the so called Sunday rule they usually secure a discounted rate, thus the company travel expenses may be less than if their employees went strictly for business.


Happier Employees

Allowing corporate travelers the opportunity to take some personal time alongside their business trips is simply an attractive—and distinctive—employee benefit. It practically puts “we support your work-life balance” on the marquee, demonstrating a priority on the employee experience, health, and wellbeing. So from the perspective of a prospective employee, or even an employee who’s considering moving along to greener pastures, having a bleisure component on the business travel itinerary adds significant value.

Cost Control

Let’s start with what the company doesn’t pay for. Employees cover all the costs of leisure day accommodations, meals, transportation and the rest—so the company doesn’t spend any more than what was allocated for the business portion of the trip. In fact, their bleisure days may result in a lower overall travel spend for the company if they book their flight with Saturday night at a destination point.



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