We will take care of all the vacation details for our corporate clients




  • air
  • hotels
  • railways in Europe and Asia
  • transfers
  • world-famous theme parks
  • concerts
  • sports and entertainment events
  • shopping and gastro tours


  • sea and river cruises around the world from budget to exclusive
  • themed cruises and expeditions
  • direct contracts with leading cruise companies
  • yachting

Domestic Travel

  • wellness tours in sanatoriums and resort locations of Ukraine
  • active rest
  • weekend tours
  • excursions and gastro tours
  • a combination of different types of activities for any budget

Special Service

We have the necessary competence and experience in providing primium services:

  • booking rooms in "luxury" hotels;
  • medical and health programs in best clinics around the world;
  • rental of luxury villas and apartments;
  • organization of individual VIP level transfers;
  • rental of executive class cars with and without a driver;
  • booking of VIP terminals and lounge areas at airports around the world;
  • tickets for sports and cultural events.




Our Partners


We work only with proven and reliable global partners



Recognized worldwide, for the past 30 years has been a leader in organizing adventure travel in small groups; awarded the title of Best Adventure Travel Company by National Geographic.
Themed tours, flexible routes, freedom of travel, small groups, safety and tranquility, as well as local guides who will show you all the unique places - this is the future of travel.


Founded in 1917, the German individual tourism operator has an extremely wide range of services provided. At your disposal are 20,000 hotels and apartments in 127 countries, as well as 770 prepared routes, 40 amusement parks, 50 sea ferry lines, hundreds of sea and river cruises.


How to save up to 19% on annual business travel budget


Our experеrtise with both international and national companies allows us to offer the quintessence of best practices in business travel management. We develop a cost optimization Program, estimate the financial impact of each individual stage of the implemented strategy and report on the results.


More details on Program optimization and saving our current customers have achieved.




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