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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +380 48 / 7384488
+380 48 / 7384729

Grecheskaya 11, Apt. 27,
65026 Odessa
Remote Ticketing Solution (RTS)
Remote Ticketing Solution offers huge opportunities to subagents for operational management and control of discharge and sale of electronic air tickets. The Ticketing Robot makes automatic a process of ticketing and provides opportunity for booking and making changes to e-tickets of your customers 24/7. 
The Ticketing Robot allows the client to perform next procedures:
  • to send requests for issuing an air ticket, reissuing, revalidation, cancellation, full refund;
  • to issue full refund with penalty and to refund taxes of e-ticket;
  • to send request for issuing, cancellation, restoring and refund EMD;
  • to prepare automatic sales reports (XML, Excel, GUI).

Content Inn
In the Content Inn, we combined world's largest content network and independent hotels with hotel aggregator services. We have more than 285 000 different options for booking starting from econom to premium class segment. Thanks for wide choice of solutions for booking our system allows to save your time and money.

Content Rail
Content Rail is a system that provides travel agencies with access to the full list of railway providers in Ukraine and as well as over the world. We provide to our subagents unique tariff content directly from the supplier. We give an opportunity to book railway tickets in 24/7 format.