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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +380 48 / 7384488
+380 48 / 7384729

Grecheskaya 11, Apt. 27,
65026 Odessa
VIP service is one of the most relevant services for people who appreciate their time. Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center provides travel VIP services and ready to meet the highest demands and wishes. We offer individual approach and personal assistant.

VIP services offered by our company:
  • room reservation at luxury hotels;
  • medical and wellness programs in the best clinics of the world;
  • luxury villas and apartments booking;
  • organization of individual VIP level transfers;
  • car rental of the executive class;
  • reservation at VIP terminal and lounge areas at the airports around the world
    tickets to sports and cultural events.


Tourism department of Aquavita-Tour Lufthansa City Center offers you the best seaside and ski resorts, exotic destinations, tours, health and wellness tours at the best centers in Europe and the world.



For many travelers sea cruise is an exciting experience and a great opportunity to visit several countries in one trip. Our tourist department will help to book the best travel route.


Inbound Tourism

Over the past few years the demand of travel to Ukraine began to grow. Ukrainian tourist destinations are becoming more popular among foreign tourists.